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1325 4th Ave, Suite #1204
  • Skyline Hair Design is the best place to get a haircut in this area of downtown. Brian has been running his one man shop for over 35 years. He is friendly, professional, and skilled. I also love being able to get my haircut on the 12th floor right by the window, which has a fabulous view of downtown. I know he doesn't have many reviews on Yelp, but don't let that phase you. If you require the pampering of a salon, Skyline might not be the best fit, but if you want someone who's good with people and even better at cutting hair, Skyline is the place to go.
    ROB G
  • Amazing experience. Brian was friendly, gave a great cut, and had good conversation. I visit Seattle every year, and now I have my stop off point for a great haircut. Call ahead for an appointment (even though I was a walk in and was accepted graciously.) 6/5 stars!
    Arran M.
  • Brian had a bad last cut to work with (for which I paid nearly twice his rate), as well as my own ill-advised attempt to chop runaway strands. Despite these obstacles, he salvaged my hair for the time being and suggested more artistic plans for the future than anyone else has; I've lived in five other cities. If you live or work downtown, this is the place.
  • Brian gives a great cut with no fuss at a solid price.
    Katie K.
  • I had heard there was a barbershop in the building I worked in, so I searched for it. What a great find. It's only a few floors down from my office, but it's exactly the kind of barbershop I've been looking for in downtown Seattle. It's a very comfortable setup, with a nice view. Clean and very friendly. Brian is hardworking, fair, and gives a great haircut. He runs the kind of shop that feels like you are at a local neighborhood barber even though you're sitting in a high-rise in a big city.
    Bryan M.
  • 5.0 star rating 7/15/2011 This has to be the first time I left a barber without feeling self-conscious. I could tell about halfway through that I'd feel great about it, because Brian not only loves to talk, but loves to talk about hair. He seemed to know exactly what was different about mine and exactly how to leverage it. Personally, I don't feel like I have hair until about 3 weeks after a haircut when I have enough to style, and he knew how to help me skip that sheared sheep period.
    Nikolai S.